Green Coupe

Old Formula Racer

My interpretation of a cigar formula racer.

Royal Racer

Road going LMP style car.  No wings, big podded wheel forms.  Lots of pass through between body pieces.

1980's Style Formula Jr Racer


Future Gunship

Experimenting with sketch style.  Dual rotored heli. 

Gunship Helicopter

Quick Sketch of a multi-cockpit gunship

Retro Attack Buggggg

80's Graphic style, Off road bug + machine gun.

Attack Helicopter

Robo Digger

Quick design of a robotic construction digger.  Autonomous trenching!

Strato Bomber

This is a high speed tactical bomber, in all aluminum.  Death from above, & shiny!


Heavily armored, big barreled tank.  

LMP Noir Racer

Here is a fun LMP prototype racer.  Oversized rear fenders with strong air intakes feed the monster engine in the rear.  I'm using a low slung wide wing reminiscent of early era prototype racers.

Red Sports

This is more of a technique exercise.  I'm working on my quick "digital marker" style and worked up this sports car for fun.

Yellow LMP1

With the 24hr of Lemans coming up, I was inspired to do a prototype design of an LMP car blasting down the straightaway.


I was in the mood to do some kind of military fast assault troop mover.  This is what I came up with, light armor, big VTOL engines.  I kept the front cockpit very industrial with a more sculpted body & wing.  Looks a little insect-like....not sure if that's a good thing.

Royal Blue Coupe

I was in the mood to push some very vibrant colors around.  This is a shiny & loose style of a fun sports coupe. 

War Truck

I love the pure function design of military vehicles.  I did a version of a transport truck with some light armament.  I kept the design with flat steel panels and hard welded construction.

Industrial F1

I crossed a super industrial aesthetic with an F1 car and made this racer.  I'm playing with a looser style with some good color fun.

Rally Time

This was a sketch that I did previously.  I liked it so much I decided to do a tight version and make it a t-shirt design for myself.  I do like the triangular intakes.

Industrial Truck #2

This second industrial truck is an mining worker transport.  Big tires for rough terrain & an articulating cab to fit into the low ceiling mines.