Mint & Rose

Techy retro future version of a Leman racer.  

New Ford Bronco

The Ford Bronco is a classic icon of American cars.  Here is my reinvention of the name.

Indy Racecar

Back in the day, the Indy 500 open wheel cars were super not so much.  Here is a throwback design based on the glory years of the 90's in open wheel american racing.

Vintage Inspired Leman Racers

I love the leman racers of the 1970's, and wanted to do a vintage inspired futuristic version of these old cars.  Here are some sketches playing around with this idea.

Wacky Hotrods

Super "Kustom" hotrods.   Maybe a little Mad-Maxy, maybe a little weird.

Cab Over Trucks

These trucks have such a unique and lopsided proportion.  They look like pack mules ready to pull a heavy load.

Biplane Dogfight

Slow flying with machine guns.  Sounds like a recipe for carnage!

Coupe Designs

Sports coupes are always fun.  

American Racing Muscle Cars

I love the pony cars when they are turned into full-on racing machines.  It just adds a new level of toughness and a feeling of the real reason they exist! 

Heavy Duty Cargo Hauler

I love big trucks, and have been playing around with long hood, big front overhang beasts.  

Wacky Open Wheel Racer

This started out as a simple closed cockpit formula car, then large stabilizers and wings started getting attached.  Behind the front wheels are a new style vacuum downforce intakes that channel through the body.

Sports Coupe

A need for speed.

Rocket Racer

Turbine powered open wheel racer.  This has a retro future style, and with the open faced helmet as well.  Watch out for those fires!

Triangle Hotrod

This is a modern very angular take on a super traditional hotrod shape.  

Off Road Muscle

I love the ideas of turning old muscle cars into super crazy offroaders!  Something about the overstated flares and big push bars that add so much brute. 

F1 Kei Car

This is what happens when a Kei car breaks into a Formula 1 garage.  How much downforce do you need for 68hp?  Apparently not enough!

Jumping Rally Car

Rally cars should always be shown in mid flight.

Truckin' Time.  Convoy!

I love the long haul work trucks.  This is a combination work/race truck with all kinds of tools and even a flatbed for carrying crashed cars.

Rally Time!!!

Fun rally car sketch from my sketchbook.  Massive air intakes!

Heavy Bomber

Quick digital sketch of a high speed attack bomber.