Happy New Year!!!

Wishing everyone a happy holidays and a great new year!

Red Sports

Shear and sculptural sports car. Playing with a rusty red.

Modern X-Wing

I designed this for my nephew(11 years old) who is a huge star wars fan. This is a new style of the traditional x-wing fighter. Hope you can evade that new tie fighter!

Modern Tie Fighter

This is designed for my younger nephew(8 years old). I designed him his own tie fighter so he can go battle the rebel scum.

Bizzaro Pickup

I designed this reverse pickup truck in 1992. I was going through one of my early sketchbooks and decided to resurrect this idea.

Long Tail Wing

I had an idea for a super long rear overhang car with massive wings. It was quick and fun.

Ultralight Car

This is the start of my “design resurrection” series. I am taking designs that I created years ago(this one is from my high school years), and trying to look at them from an experienced designers eye. This first ultralight car is my first design for this series.

Construction Racer

I imagined what construction workers would do if they were left to their own devices with their heavy duty equipment on the weekend. Heavily modified construction vehicle racing!

Rallycross Hatch

Rallycross racing is a super fun and crazy form of wheel to wheel combat. I had an idea for a fun design for one and decided to put it together. Very angular & graphic.

Garbage Hauler

I love garbage trucks. They are the closest things we have to everyday robots. Here is a fun take on a daily workhorse that usually gets overlooked.

Woodie Station Wagon

I wanted to make a old school woodie with a modern vibe with the graphics. The wood grain is tight in the body with a overall muscle car feel. I added in some offroad tires for a all road feeling.

Sports Wagon

I liked working with this aqua color blue over a super vibrant red/orange background. This sports wagon has a strong sports sedan vibe with some cool yellow accents.

Pontiac Aztek

I am fascinated with trying to take inherently ugly designs and seeing if I can update the design using the same theme to create a new look. This uses ideas from the production and concept Aztek that I liked in putting this one together.

White Bubble LMP

Off white shiny with a touch of blue. All colors that I like!

Blue Hypersports

Big negative space cut out in the bodyside leads through to the rear.

Aero Hunter

This design came from a sketch that I never liked. It had weird proportions and felt awkward. I made some tweaks to the overall shape and as I rendered it has become one of my favorites.

Adventure Truck

I sketched this design awhile ago and really liked the shear and simple quality of the design. I finally got around to putting some color on it and fleshing out the form.

Land Rover Design Color

Pale mustard is such a Land Rover classic color. I put some color on a previous sketch.

Cyberpunk Motorcycles

Neo Tokyo design language. Unique proportions, big form statements with aggressive stance.

Bubblegum Hatch

Tiny car with way too much design. Intakes, crazy lights, everything a hot little bubble car needs.